Prepainted Corrugated Galvanized Sheet

Yearly capacity: 20,000 tons
Wall thickness: 0.5-2.0mm
Size: 4’X8′, 1X2MTS
zinc coating: 30g/m2 or above
Package and weight: Actual weight basis and standard container package

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Prepainted corrugated galvanized sheet is used as tiles on the roof. It widely used in most construction. Tiles can be customized on the clients’ requirement.

The basic parameters

Wall Thickness(mm) 0.6-2.0mm
Painting thickness ?top 15-30um, back 10-15um
Size 4’*8′, 1M*2M
Zinc coating 30g/m2 or above
Package standard sea transport package

Zinc Coating Reference

GB/T2518-2004 ?JIS G 3302 Q/HYB201 ?EN10327 ?ASTM A653M
Zinc coating 001 Z001
Z60 Z060
Z80 Z08 Z08 Z080
Z100 Z10 Z10 Z100 Z100
Z120 Z12 Z12 Z120 Z120
Z180 Z18 Z18 Z180 Z180
Z250 Z25 Z25 Z250 Z250
Z275 Z27 Z27 Z275 Z275
Z350 Z35 Z35 Z350 Z350
Base material 02 SGCC SGCC DX51D+Z CS Type A/B/C