Cewka / blacha ze stali walcowanej na zimno

Roczna wydajność: 600,000 mnóstwo
Grubość: 0.125-3.0mm
Powłoka cynkowa: 20g/m2-275 g/m2


Cold-rolled sheethigh-quality hot-rolled as raw materials is made in such a process descaling through picking. Multi-step is deformed by rolling in the cold tandem mill, electro-cleaning and annealing as well as skin-passing and fishing etc.


Nazwa produktu Cewka / blacha ze stali walcowanej na zimno
Miejsce pochodzenia Tianjin China (Kontynent)
Type Coil/Sheet
Certification ISO 9001, Mill Test Certificate
Technical treatment Cold Rolled

Finish Introduction

Surface Finish Definition Podanie
2b Those finished, after cold rolling, by heat treatment, pickling or other equivalent treatment and lastly by cold rolling to given appropriate luster. Medical equipment, Food industry, Construction material, Kitchen utensils.
BA Those processed with bright heat treatment after cold rolling. Kitchen utensils, Electric equipment, Building construction.
NO.3 Those finished by polishing with No.100 to No.120 abrasives specified in JIS R6001. Kitchen utensils, Building construction.
NO.4 Those finished by polishing with No.150 to No.180 abrasives specified in JIS R6001. Kitchen utensils, Building construction, Medical equipment.
HL Those finished polishing so as to give continuous polishing streaks by using abrasive of suitable grain size. Building Construction.
NO.1 The surface finished by heat treatment and pickling or processes corresponding there to after hot rolling. Chemical tank, pipe


  • Durability, long life;
  • Heat resistance, not easily discolored at high temperature;
  • Good thermal reflection performance;
  • Surface : gorgeous silver, High finish ;
  • Easy to coating and plating;
  • High flatness;
  • Goodweldability ;
  • Many varieties and a wide range of uses ;
  • High stamping performance and non-aging, low yield point .

Product Range

  • Cold rolling after annealing;
  • Galvanizing equipment with annealing equipment for galvanizing;
  • A panel that doesn’t need to be machined;
  • Ordinary cold rolling;
  • DAWAĆ & GL & PPGI ;
  • Tin plating (tinplate):insoluble anode tin electroplating processby Frolstein ;
  • Electrical steel (silicon steel sheet).



  1. Trades as the architecture, automobile, electrical home appliances, traffic, itp
  2. Automotive manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, canned food
  3. Printed iron drums, building materials, bicycles and other industries
  4. Being raw material for hot-dip galvanizing line.
  5. The production of organic coated steel plate the best choice.
  6. High dimension precision → electromagnetic properties, deep drawing properties, itp.


Korporacja Jianglin ma 3 Production Lines.

Specyfikacja Produkcja toczna Produkcja galwaniczna PPGI &Produkcja PPGL
Czas instalacji 2002 2008 2012
Pojemność 700,000 mnóstwo 650,000 mnóstwo 350,000 mnóstwo
Grubość 0.12-5.0mm(głównie 0,3-0,8 mm)
Szerokość 600-1250mm 600-1250mm 600-1q50mm
Waga cewki 3-15 mnóstwo
Baza materiałowa Walcowane na zimno, DAWAĆ, Cewka alucynk
Stopień SGCC, SGHC
Rodzaj farby NA, SMD, HDP, PVDF
Powierzchnia funkcji Inny nadrukowany wzór(marmur, drewniane ziarno), antifinger, statyczne wolne, kameleon

1.Produkcja walcowania na zimno

Jianglin jest wyposażony w 3 linie produkcyjne 6 maszyny do walcowania rolek gwarantują dokładną grubość kręgów. Roczna zdolność przerobowa przekracza 700,000 mnóstwo.

2.Cynkowanie linii produkcyjnej

Jianglin jest wyposażony w 3 linie produkcyjne cynkowania w tym jedna linia do cynkowania i dwie linie do produkcji Aluzinc. Roczna produkcja jest około 600,000 mnóstwo. Niektóre kręgi walcowane na zimno są sprzedawane do różnych fabryk.
Dla grubości, skupiamy się na 0,3-0,8 mm. Większość ocynkowanych cewek na rynku Shandong pochodzi z Jianglin.

3.Linia produkcyjna PPGL i PPGI

Brzęczący PPGI &PPGL jest przeznaczony głównie dla klientów zamorskich, który ma wysokie wymagania jakościowe dotyczące grubości powłoki cynkowej,.


Jianglin Steel corporation is strictly applying 6S management system. For past 5 years, though the global steel market is under very tough environment, we have reached up to 5%-9% revenue increase.



There are basically standard sea freight package and Simple package packing methods, includes:

  1. Metal Band Strapping
  2. Outside Diameter Ring
  3. Etykieta
  4. Protect Steel Sheet/ Protection
  5. Water and Rustproof Sheet
  6. Steel Sheet
Standarded sea freight package Simple package for short delivery



For each and every batch of GI, PPGI, PPGL, we will check all the thickness, surface, and other parameters, just to guarantee the quality. Meanwhile, we have compelte order tracking system to make every coil trackable. Any mistake happening, we will be responsible.


Jianglin with production capacity of 700,000 tons per year, we have been collaborating the listed shipping companies in the world including COSCO, WORLD WIDE LOGISTICS, CMA, and other shipping companies. During the peak season when containers are hard to book, we always enjoy the previlige to book the shipment with a suitable price and schedule

Zasady płatności

Jianglin is ready to accept any reasonable payment terms including LC , just hope for a win win situation. Meanwhile, we also collaborate with Alibaba. Alibaba safety guarantee order is welcome.


1.What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
– Normally, the MOQ for one coil 1 ton.

2.What is the payment method?
– For new customers: 30%T/T deposit 70%T/T Before shipment.
– For partners and distributors, 30%T/T deposit 70% T/T Against B/L Copy.

For strategic partner, we can accept 30days LC.

3.What is the acceptable currency?
– We accept USD, EUR and RMB.

4.What is the delivery time?
- 5-10 days in advance depending on the stock status.

5.Where is the loading port?
– Normally, our loading ports are Tianjin, and Shandong. Or client can assign any port in China.

6.What is the delivery term?

7.Do you offer free samples?
– Yes, based on our stock status, we will send our customer free samples. The express fee is to be paid by our customers.