Antistatic PPGL (prepainted galvalume/aluzinc coil)

Yearly capacity: 700,000 tons
Thickness: 0.12-2.0mm Width:900-1250mm
Grade: DC01, DC02,DC03
Aluzinc/zinc coating: AZ 35-11-, Z35-200
Paint Type: 15+5 um (PE, HDP, PVDF)


Antistatic prepainted steel coil :

1.Source and danger of static electricity

The electric charge may be generated instantaneously when different molecules and atoms are absorbing one another and interacting, which is also called static charge. Even very small static charge can generate a high static voltage. Generally speaking, the polymer with many polar groups is apt to carry positive charge; otherwise, it is apt to carry negative charge. In our daily life, the static there are various static phenomena. For example, a voltage over 1000 volt may produce while a man is walking on the composite carpet in an air conditioning room, and our hand always feel an electric shock while we are taking off in winter, or opening doors of the auto car. The surface of both conductor and semiconductor may also generate static electricity; however, because the accumulated charge can be conducted by the surface and the internal of materials, there is little static charge accumulated there. While the polyester or fluorocarbon on the surface of the prepainted steel coil is a kind of high molecule polymer, which is an insulating material. However, as long as the surface generates electric charge, it may be really hard to discharge.

2: The danger of accumulation of static charge on the surface:

(1) Adsorbing dust and bacteria. (2) Damage the performance and usage of the surface of the product. (3) Cause the static electricity discharged, which may bring about fire disaster or explosion.

3. Working principle of the antistatic prepainted steel coil

The working principle of the antistatic prepainted steel coil is to add some conducting materials in the insulating polyester coating, which gets the former insulated coating, become a semiconductor. Being assorted with the earthing system of the construction, the accumulated static electricity on the surface of the prepainted steel coil that is sourced from air convection or fabric friction is conducted into the earthing system and then disappears.

4: Usage of the antistatic prepainted steel coil

Mainly used in antistatic, high cleanness and bacteria-free environments, covering: electronic semi-conductor industry, foodstuff processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, etc.

5: Performance of the antistatic prepainted steel coil

(1) Its machining property and durability match that of the prepainted steel coil with common polyester as its base metal. (2) Its resistance to chemicals and solvents is slightly higher than that of the common polyester prepainted steel coil. (3) Its surface resistance( /cm2) is 106-109(common polyester prepainted steel coil: about 10).




Advantages of Jianglin PPGL

1.Previously Jianglin starts from PPGL production, and with years experience, we have accumulated enough practical production advantages.Jianglin has cultivated a research team on painting formula. Based on different atmosphere, Jianglin can give client more practical suggestion and choice.

2. From hot rolled coil to PPGL, Jianglin has one stop processing center to reduce the cost to the lowest level.

3. Located near Tianjin port, from factory to Tianjin port only take 40 minutes.

4. Famous brand with highly guarantee, Jianglin with more than 20 years development can give client most guarantee on price and quality.


The basic parameters

Inside Diameter(mm)508/610mm
Outside Diameter(mm)2000mm
Weight≤25T per coil
Aluzinc thickness30/30, 40/40, 50/50, 60/60, 75/75, 90/90, 110/110
Painting typePE, GDP, PVDF
Painting Thickness15+5/5+7um, 20+5um/7+10um based on clients’ requirement


Application guidance:

Buildings and ConstructionRoofing, Siding, Sashes, Shutters, Rain Doors, Various Fixtures, Partitions, Ceilings, Fences, Sheds.
TransportationAir Cleaners, Pipes, Marine Panels, Oil filters, Dash panels.
Gas and Kerosene DevicesHeaters, Cooking Stoves, Kerosene Tanks, Hot Water Equipment, Ducts.
Kitchen EquipmentOvens, Ranges, Sinks, Kitchen Units, Shelves, Toilet Stands, Cooker Wrappers.
Electrical and Lighting EquipmentWashing Machines, Refrigerators, Room Coolers, Fluorescent Light Housings, Switch Boxes, Motor Cases, Distribution Boards, Copy Machines.
Furniture and Office EquipmentSteel Furniture, Partitions, Curtains, Walls, Blinds.
AgricultureDrying Machines and Other Farm Equipment, Greenhouses, Silos, Barns, Sheds.
Containers and Others.Vending Machines, Display Cases, Cans, Pressure, Bins, Signboards.



1.Cold rolled base material

China Q/FWG001Baosteel Q/BQB402/403Japan JISG3141U.S ASTMEurope EN10130-1999


2. Galvanizing

Q/HYB201-08Q/HYB202-06JIS G3302Aluzinc JIS G 3321 EN10327-04Structural
ASTM A653M-04
S280SGC340S280GD+ZSS275/ Grade 40
S350SGC440S350GD+ZSS340/ Grade 50


3.Zinc Coating Reference

GB/T2518-2004 JIS G 3302Q/HYB201 EN10327 ASTM A653M
Zinc coating001Z001
Base material02SGCCSGCCDX51D+ZCS Type A/B/C


4. Prepainted Galvanized product grade and application

PPGI/GL Steel gradeGrade of base metalApplication
TDC51D+ZDC51D+Znormal use
TDC53D+ZDC53D+Zdeep drawing
TS550GD+ZS550GD+Zhigh strength structure
TDC51D+AZDC51D+AZnormal use
TS550GD+AZS550GD+AZhigh strength structure



Welcome to Jianglin!

Jiang Lin Steel Corporation production line introduction

SpecificationRolling productionGalvanizing productionPPGL production
Installation time200220082012
Capacity700,000 tons650,000 tons350,000 tons
Thickness0.12-3.0mm(mostly 0.3-0.8mm)
Coil weight3-15 MT
Base materialCold rolled, GI, Aluzinc coil
Paint TypePE, SMD, HDP, PVDF
Function SurfaceDifferent printed pattern(marble, wooden grain), antifinger, static free, chameleon


Cold Rolling Production

Jianglin is equiped with 3 production lines of 6 rolls rolling machinery guarantee the precise thickness of the coils. Yearly processing capacity is more than 700,000 tons.

Galvanizing Production Line

Jianglin is equipped with 3 production lines of galvanizing including one Zinc coating line and two Aluzinc production line. Yearly production is around 600,000 tons. Some of the cold rolled coils are sold to different factories.

For thickness, we focus on 0.3-0.8mm. Most of Shandong market galvanized coil are from Jianglin.

PPGL and PPGI production line.

Jianglin PPGL is mostly for oversea clients, which has high quality requirement on zinc coating thickness.



Jianglin Steel corporation is strictly applying 6S management system. For past 5 years, though the global steel market is under very tough environment, we have reached up to 5%-9% revenue increase.



There are basically two kinds of packing method.

Standarded sea freight packageSimple package for short delivery



For each and every batch of GI, PPGI, PPGL, we will check all the thickness, surface, and other parameters, just to guarantee the quality. Meanwhile, we have compelte order tracking system to make every coil trackable. Any mistake happening, we will be responsible.



Jianglin with production capacity of 700,000 tons per year, we have been collaborating the listed shipping companies in the world including COSCO, WORLD WIDE LOGISTICS, CMA, and other shipping companies. During the peak season when containers are hard to book, we always enjoy the previlige to book the shipment with a suitable price and schedule

Payment terms

Jianglin is ready to accept any reasonable payment terms including LC , just hope for a win win situation. Meanwhile, we also collaborate with Alibaba. Alibaba safety guarantee order is welcome.


  1. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
    – Normally, the MOQ forcoilis one coil 3-5 tons.

2.What is the payment method?
– For new customers: 30%T/T deposit 70%T/T Before shipment.
– For partners and distributors, 30%T/T deposit 70% T/T Against B/L Copy.

For strategic partner, we can accept 30days LC.

3.What is the acceptable currency?
– We accept USD, EUR and RMB.

4.What is the delivery time?
– 5-10 days in advance depending on the stock status.

5.Where is the loading port?
– Normally, our loading ports are Tianjin, and Shandong. Or client can assign any port in China.

6.What is the delivery term?

7.Do you offer free samples?
– Yes, based on our stock status, we will send our customer free samples. The express fee is to be paid by our customers.