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Sketch map of sectional structure of prepainted steel sheet

1.CRC(Base metal)Mainly responsible for stiffness and strength functions2.Zinc CoatingIt has the functions of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and machinability.3.Chemical CoatingImprove the adhesion function and anti-corrosion function of the coating and the substrate4.Primer CoatingEnhance the adhesion between the surface of the steel plate and the paint, and have the function of suitable color tone5.Top […]

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Good packing of Jianglin Steel

Professional packing of multi layer protection to prevent product from rusting,we use cardboard , plastic waterproof and kraft waterproof.Due to the temperature difference between two country ,the water can inside the coil which casue the products get damage as the pictures.we need to use professional packing.If we just use palstic water proof,the water also can […]

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 PPGI / PPGL COIL: Full name is prepainted galvanized / galvalume steel coil, which is painted lacquer on top and bottom side of HDGI / ALU-ZINC coil. They are mostly used for construction with various paint colors, like warehouse, prefab house, and garage, etc.The advantages of PPGI / PPGL are light weight than traditional brick […]

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