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British Union seeks an emergency meeting on Tata Steel

British Union seeks an emergency meeting on Tata Steel

Britische Gewerkschaften haben für eine Dringlichkeitssitzung des National Steel Rat genannt TP drücken ihre Besorgnis über Tata Steel Uk, einer der führenden Stahlhersteller in der Welt.

Tata Steel Verlust in Großbritannien incerased GBP 371 million this year. Previously, Tata Steel said it was unlikely that India would continue to fund the loss in the future.

According to the information, the plant in the UK could produce 3.5 million tons of crude steel every year. The Unions of GMB, Unite, and Community, said Tata Steel UK faced a big challenges, and the main reason was caused by the lack of investing amount to its asset in the past servaral years.

Zur Zeit, Tata steel have planned to improved its operation and to achieve positive cash flow before the end of the next fiscal year.

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