Commerce Department: September 2 solstice 8 steel prices rebound slightly

Commerce Department: September 2 solstice 8 steel prices rebound slightly

Commerce Department: September 2 solstice 8 steel prices rebound slightly

The latest news from the ministry of commerce: last week (September 2, solstice, 8) steel prices rose 0.6% month-on-month, ending six consecutive weeks of decline.Among them, the price of rebar, high-speed wire and ordinary plate is 3,974 yuan/ton, 4,103 yuan/ton and 4,103 yuan/ton respectively, which increased 0.9%, 0.9% and 0.3% respectively.

Ministry of commerce believes that recently many steel production limit overhaul, coupled with downstream steel demand recovery, steel prices are expected to rise in the later period is not big.

On the supply side, since September, it has been getting closer to National Day, and some steel enterprises have further strengthened the environmental protection limit on production.In addition, since September, the national inspection of illegal production capacity, steel production is expected to continue to fall.In addition, in September, the loss of electric furnace steel further increased, steel production and suspension momentum in the spread, is expected to further expand the scope and region, steel production will continue to decline.

On the demand side, September is the peak season for traditional construction projects, and the demand for rebar in the downstream steel industry will increase.Nationally, steel demand toughness will continue, especially in east China.In addition, the scale of real estate construction is still large, infrastructure investment tends to speed up, during the traditional peak season, steel demand will not significantly reduce.

Seesaw supply and demand, steel prices have upward space.However, affected by regional economic development and fiscal revenue imbalance, the real estate industry according to city policies, the “steel demand” in different regions has obvious differences, so the steel price fluctuation range in different regions will also be different.

Data from the ministry of commerce also showed that the price of ordinary cement (42.5) was 419 yuan per ton last week, up 3 yuan per ton from the previous week.The price of composite cement (42.5) is 418 yuan/ton, with a weekly increase of 7 yuan/ton.

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