January-October Ukraine’s steel production down 13%

January-October Ukraine’s steel production down 13%

According to the data from the Ukrainian Metallurgical Industry Association, Ukraine’s steel output in January-October reached 17.7 million tons, down 13% over the same period of last year. The total output of rolled steel products was 15.2 million tons, down 15%. Pig iron was 16.4 million tons, down 17%.

In October, pig iron production was 1.8 million tons (equivalent to 97% of September production), 190,000 tons of steel (98%) and 1.7 million tons of rolled steel (102%) .

According to the data from Ukraine Metallurgical Industry Association, “The main product cuts in the first 10 months of 2017 were due to the loss of some of the production capacity in the uncontrolled territories and the underutilization of the Ukrainian railway company in the timely and adequate supply of raw materials to enterprises.”

According to preliminary estimates, the 19.7 million tonnes pig iron (84% in 2016), 21.2 million tonnes steel (87% of 2016) and 18.2 million tonnes rolled steel ( (85% of 2016) are planned to produce for 2017.

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