India will issue new regulations, or impact China’s stainless steel exports

India will issue new regulations, or impact China’s stainless steel exports

Indian officials have said that India is strengthening the quality of consumer goods and capital goods’ quality control. The new regulations are aimed at industries such as toys, electronics, machinery, food processing, construction and chemical industries, as well as industries dominated by China. At the same time, India is increasing its access to Chinese enterprises of the local electricity and telecommunications market to review.

Indian officials say the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) has about 23,000 industry standards, many of which are not fully implemented. Now, government departments have been asked to carry out laboratory testing and on-site inspection of the goods to ensure that the goods meet the requirements.

The new regulations apply to foreign manufacturers and domestic companies. However, those who are familiar with trade policy say the goals of these industries are actually aimed at industries that are dominated by more than two-thirds of China’s market, such as toy and stainless steel industry, those industries “long-term” complaints against substandard products.

“The department will release new guidelines to improve the quality standards for welded stainless steel pipelines for the oil, gas and construction industries.And there is evidence that semi-finished and finished products from Chinese exports are Does not meet the standards of the Indian standards of stainless steel. ” said Aruna Sharma, India’s steel minister.

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