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Tianjin Jianglin Technology Development Co.,Ltd. (Jianglin) was founded on June,2003.with investment of 500 million RMB, Jianglin covers 21,000 square meters. Yearly production capacity is around 700,000 tons. Located in Tianjin, it takes only 40min to Tianjin Port.

Our management concept is “credit and quality are our most important principles”.The quality is our root. With a complete management system, we stirctly supervise methods and reliable services. To promote the connection of China’s metallurgy industry and international management patern,our Chairman-Yuan weilin has organized the establishment of Tianjin Metal Material Industry Association,which has made Tianjin Steel industry become a whole union.

Factory View

Cold rolling

Jianglin Steel has 3 cold rolling production line, cold rolled steel coil thickness ranges from 0.12-3.0mm.


Jianglin Steel has 2 glavaluming production line and 1 galvanizing line. Coating thickness ranges from 25g.m2-180g/m2.


Jianglin Steel has 4 prepainting production line, coating type includes PE, HDP, and PVDF. Customized painting thickness is acceptable.


Jianglin Steel has different affiliate production lines including tubing, tile pressing, purlin, IBR, corrugated customized shape.


Problems that may occur during the delivery process

(1)CCIC/CSIC stipulates that if the net weight of the VO product is less than the actual net weight, it will not be subject to commodity inspection. Therefore, after confirming the order, the buyer should send VO to the buyer in time, and ensure that the quantity of each specification in the VO is 10% more than the quantity of each specification in the contract, in case the quantity of VO is not enough after the production of the goods, resulting in delayed delivery goods.
(2) After the goods arrive at the port, CCIC staff finished inspection then loading the goods to container.
(3)Packing method: choose easy unloading method, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of unloading and cause damage to the outer packaging of the product

Pay attention to the number of coils in each container and arrange the packing method reasonably,like this:

(4) Container damage at the destination port:

When loading the cargo, all forwarders will take photos of the loading. If the container is damaged at the destination port and it is not caused by the customer, the customer needs to take video/photos and send it to the

seller. The seller will provide the corresponding packing photos, and negotiate with the freight forwarder, do not pay compensation to the shipowner in advance.

(5)Cargo damage occurred during shipment:

In the CIF trade terms, the seller is responsible for insuring the goods by sea. When the buyer receives the goods, if they open the container and find that the goods are damaged, do not unload the goods. You need to take photos and videos as soon as possible. The seller will contact the insurance company and report the insurance. At this time, the insurance company will intervene in the investigation and go to the location of the goods for investigation. Insurance claim process.


The above photos are problems that may occur during production and transportation, and Jianglin will do his best to prevent such problems from happening. If such a problem occurs, we also have a solution to your satisfaction.

We can load as per buyer’s requirement: eyes to wall with wood pallet and eyes to sky with wood pallet