1. Metallic Coatings: Zinc coating, Aluzinc coating,(15%Al, 25%Al,55%Al)
2. Coating thickness: 20-275g/m2, customized coating is acceptable.
3. Product category: coil, sheet, strip, tile, tube
4. Yearly capacity: 1000,000 tons
5. Width 914mm/1000mm/1060mm/1219mm/1250mm


1. Coating type: PE, HDP, PVDF
2. Coating thickness: 10-30um(top), 5-10-15um(back), customized service
3. Product category: coil, sheet, corrugated tile
4. High glossy 85 degree, low glossy 30 degree
5. Width 914mm/1000mm/1060mm/1219mm/1250mm

CRC .pic

1. Material Grade:SPCC
2. Hardness:CRC,and CRC full hard.
3. Application industry: Galvanized raw material
4. Width:900/914/1000/1219/1250mm

Main Products

Start from cold rolling, galvanizing,prepainting to Zinc alloy


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Why Jianglin Steel

Why Jianglin Steel

1.Purchase Hot roll directly.we buy Hot roll raw material from supplier,so we can control the good quality of the raw materal from the first place.2.QC is very strict.QC staff check every details of the products during production to control the
Quality Control of Pre-painted Steel products

Quality Control of Pre-painted Steel products

1.High GlossThailand customer reuqire high gloss products which need more that 80% glossy ,Jianglin Steel test every coil 2.Color test Thailand market have natural brown,nuvo blue ,bright green which is very popular color ,Jianglin Steel confirmed every color matching with
Reasons for the current price increase of Chinese steel:

Reasons for the current price increase of Chinese steel:

1.Tangshan’s annual production limit is 30%-50%.2. The Hanxing Wu’an area began to limit production in April.3.Environmental protection inspection in Jiangsu Province, limited production of southern rebarIn the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the 100th anniversary of the founding
introduction of galvalume steel coil

introduction of galvalume steel coil

The galvalume coating is an alloy consisting of approximately 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.5% silicon by weight, which is applied to steel by the continuous hot dip process. Galvalume steel sheet offers the best qualities of aluminum coated (aluminized)
Sketch map of sectional structure of prepainted steel sheet

Sketch map of sectional structure of prepainted steel sheet

1.CRC(Base metal)Mainly responsible for stiffness and strength functions2.Zinc CoatingIt has the functions of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance and machinability.3.Chemical CoatingImprove the adhesion function and anti-corrosion function of the coating and the substrate4.Primer CoatingEnhance the adhesion between the surface

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Factory View

Located in Tianjin, Jianglin Steel Corporation yearly production reach up to 700,000 tons. Products include Zn billet, GI, PPGI, PPGL, tile and tubing.

Company Promise

"Any problem happen,we stick to refund first, then discuss the solution, any afterwards cost, Jianglin will always be responsible" ---Yuan weilin CEO of Jianglin Steel Corporation