Steel For Package (Bonding Strip)

Steel product packaging

GI strip

galvanized steel strip for bonding

At present, galvanized strip steel has been used as a material in many industries. Because it has good performance, it can be used in so many industries. The galvanized strip steel is named because of its narrow and long appearance. The length of this product is It’s different.

Usually the products sold on the market are divided into ordinary and high quality, and different industries can choose two materials according to the needs of production. We have analyzed the galvanized strip market for many years and know that it is used in the electronics, bicycle, cable and other industries. The continuous development of the industry has also led to the development of this product in a better direction.


Corrosion protection
low cost
Beautiful and lightweight
Environmentally friendly reuse.


The application of steel strip is very extensive, mainly used for bundling and packaging of heavy goods such as aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot, zinc ingot and other non-ferrous metals industry, steel industry, glass industry and timber industry.