Steel For Electric Appliances (Solar Heating Panel, Food Truck, Etc)

Steel For Electric Products:

coid rolling

galvanizing pipe/tube

Steel For Electric Appliances

Today, eliminating the need for electricity or natural gas, the use of solar energy in life is increasing, or the dining cars, appliances and steel that are everywhere in our lives can make your life easier. Jianglin Steel’s manufacturers offer a large number of innovative products, especially for corrosion-resistant products for home appliances.

Steel Appliance Facts

  • Reduced risk of fire as steel is fire resistant.
  • The quality of steel is predictable and reliable.
  • Steel structured buildings are frequently lighter and have smaller foundations as steel is structurally efficient.
  • Compared to some other building materials such as concrete, establishing a steel structure creates less noise, dust and waste on a worksite. This means less clean-up and fewer noise complaints from those in adjacent areas.


Cold Rolled Steel Coil/Sheet

Galvanized Hollow Pipe

Galvanized Rectangular Pipe/Tube

Galvanized Square Pipe/Tube

Galvanized Round Pipe/Tube

Hot Dipped Galvanized Tube