Steel Strip For Earthing

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galvanized steel stripgalvanized steel strip for bonding

The earthing is in the electrical system or electronic equipment, connected to the earth, connected to the outer casing or connected to the reference potential of zero wire. In general electrical appliances, the earthing is connected to the outer casing to prevent electric shock Cause by electrical insulation of the outer casing due to internal insulation.

gi strip for earthing

Applicable Products

Hot Dipped Galvanized Strip (GI Strip)

galvanized steel strip for bonding

Jianglin Steel products are produced by continuous hot dip galvanizing process and are specially designed to meet your manufacturing requirements, offering a range of different coating qualities and package sizes.

We also strictly abide by the ISO9001 standard, so you can be sure that Jianglin galvanized steel will meet your performance requirements.