Steel For Construction (Roofing, Cladding, Ducting, etc)

Our company is suitable for Steel For Construction (Roofing, Cladding, Ducting, etc):

Galvanized Products/Galvalume Products/Prepainted Products/Roofing sheet

With steel, we can create structures like no other material when it comes to construction. No other material can match the potency and durability that steel provides. Structural steel is becoming the most preferred choice for construction due to the various benefits it offers. The buildings that are made from steel require various structural frames. Also, constructing with steel requires less time which makes it the most sought after way of constructing structures.

galvanized metal roofing

galvanized metal roofing

Steel constructions have high resistance due to their strength, and they do not cost as much as other materials do, such as concrete for construction purposes. Also, there are various benefits of using steel over other construction materials. Steel building constructions are environment-friendly, and can withstand natural calamities like earthquakes.

Following are the common types of steel used in construction:

1.Galvanized Products——Galvanized coil/sheet: width 914 mm / 940 mm / km mm /1100 mm / 1200 mm / 1219 mm / 1250 mm, zinc coating 40 grams or more.

galvanized steel coil

2. Galvalume Products——Aluminized zinc coil/sheet: width 914mm/940mm/1000mm/1100mm/1200mm/1219mm/1250mm, aluminum-zinc-zinc coating: az30 or more

galvalume steel

3. Prepainted Products——55% color picture aluminum-zinc coil/plate: width 914mm/940mm/


4. Roofing sheet ——Galvanized roof sheet: width 914mm / 940mm / 1000mm /
1100mm/1200mm/1219mm/1250mm, different Tile display

roof sheet