Steel For Car Parking (Shuttler Door, Shed)

The demand for cars in this economically developed society is higher. So people are constantly buying cars, so now the traffic is increasing. Therefore, it brings a lot of trouble to the city’s traffic. Traffic congestion is a good list. In such a brother, we should use design parking to solve these problems.

steel for car parking

Prepainting products and IBR ROOFING SHEET FOR ROOFING often used to build parking lots.

1. PPGI (Prepainted Galvanized Coil)(click here to know more about our product).

PPGI (prepainted galvanized coil) is galvanized coil with lamination of different paintings. Jianglin has equiped with one PPGI production line, which focus on international orders which has high requirement on the painting quality.

You can buy Prepainted Galvanized Coil and go back to your own processing tile to customize your favorite color pattern.

Buildings and ConstructionRoofing, Siding, Sashes, Shutters, Rain Doors, Various Fixtures, Partitions, Ceilings, Fences, Sheds.
TransportationAir Cleaners, Pipes, Marine Panels, Oil filters, Dash panels.
Gas and Kerosene DevicesHeaters, Cooking Stoves, Kerosene Tanks, Hot Water Equipment, Ducts.
Kitchen EquipmentOvens, Ranges, Sinks, Kitchen Units, Shelves, Toilet Stands, Cooker Wrappers.
Electrical and Lighting EquipmentWashing Machines, Refrigerators, Room Coolers, Fluorescent Light Housings, Switch Boxes, Motor Cases, Distribution Boards, Copy Machines.
Furniture and Office EquipmentSteel Furniture, Partitions, Curtains, Walls, Blinds.
AgricultureDrying Machines and Other Farm Equipment, Greenhouses, Silos, Barns, Sheds.
Containers and Others.Vending Machines, Display Cases, Cans, Pressure, Bins, Signboards.


2. IBR ROOFING SHEET FOR ROOFING (click here to know more about our product)

IBR (inverted box rib) is a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686 mm designed for use, as side cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

IBR Profile: IBR 686 & IBR 890

Recommended Maximum Purlin Spacing (Meters) -IBR

Thickness Steel Grade0.40mm
ISQ550 G550
Roof-single span1.251.651.651.751.752.25
Roof-double span1.401.951.952.102.102.50
Wall-single span1.702.352.352.602.602.95
Wall-double span1.902.752.752.952.953.60
Weight per meter2.897 kg3.194 kg3.615 kg3.833 kg4.197 kg5.798 kg
Weight per m24.223 kg4.655 kg5.269 kg5.587 kg6.118 kg8.451 kg

Prepainted Corrugated Galvanized Sheet (click here to know more about our product)

Prepainted corrugated galvanized sheet is used as tiles on the roof. It widely used in most construction. Tiles can be customized on the clients’ requirement.

The basic parameters

Wall Thickness(mm)0.6-2.0mm
Painting thickness top 15-30um, back 10-15um
Size4’*8′, 1M*2M
Zinc coating30g/m2 or above
Packagestandard sea transport package