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News of the industry

News of the industry

News of the industry

Pre-market prediction

◎ building steel: 30 days domestic building materials price shock adjustment, part of the market rebound, the mainstream city rebar average price at 3742 yuan/ton.Steel mill output will continue to decline, to warehouse speed is expected to accelerate, considering the downstream consumption signs of improvement, is expected to shock this week building materials prices are strong operation.

◎ hot rolled plate coil: 30 hot rolled plate coil in major cities nationwide price shock operation, as of press time 4.75 hot rolled plate coil national average price 3714 yuan/ton, compared to the previous trading day flat.In general, this week is expected to hot rolling market price shock operation.

◎ cold-rolled plate coil: 30 national cold-rolled plate coil spot price rise and fall mixed operation, the national average price of 4306 yuan/ton.In general, it is expected that this week the national cold rolling plate price stable price operation.

◎ medium and heavy plate: 30 days domestic medium and heavy plate market price is stable and weak, the national average price of 20mm board is 3817 yuan/ton, 4 yuan/ton lower than the previous trading day.Overall, the short term in the thick plate market up or down dilemma, is expected this week in the thick plate prices to high volatility.

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