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Trump steel tariffs may leave these U.S. steelworkers jobless

Trump steel tariffs may leave these U.S. steelworkers jobless

America is the world’s largest steel importer, buying about 35 million tons in 2017.

Miller said tariffs will also force NLMK to shelve planned $600 million investments in plants in Pennsylvania and Indiana, around $400 million of which was earmarked for upgrading antiquated equipment at its Farrell plant.

Trump has stood by the tariffs, despite resistance from his fellow Republicans and other countries, which have vowed to respond with levies of their own. On Thursday, Trump pressed ahead with the imposition of 25 percent tariffs on steel imports and 10 percent for aluminum.

Some steel executives such as Miller say this is the ultimate irony: by acting ostensibly to protect U.S. steel jobs with sweeping tariffs, Trump will also kill off some steel jobs.

“The workers here in Farrell are on the front line,” Miller said. “This policy is picking winners and losers and unfortunately, we are the losers.

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